hypnosis-mentor.com – Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Workshop Subscription Plan

Today I’ll be evaluating hypnosis-mentor.com – Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Workshop Subscription Plan. This will be mostly a look at all the info I’ve been able to gather about it. This means that you don’t have to spend hours trawling the internet trying to find as much product facts as you can because I’ve done it for you. Also included in my review is a score of the product and an explanation as to how and why I have scored it the way I have. For more facts on how I research and collect all the product facts, please visit my About page. Please note, before reading any further, that if you make the decision to buy this product, it can result in a commission payment being paid to me. To find out about this, and how I remain impartial, please have a look at how this site is funded here

Product Details

hypnosis-mentor.com - Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Workshop Subscription Plan Product Name hypnosis-mentor.com – Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Workshop Subscription Plan
Standard Price $69
Website http://www.hypnosis-mentor.co m/friends.php
Our Rating 42.39/100
Category Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs Hypnosis
Special Offers No
Bonus Available Yes
You’ve come across my evaluation because you are keen to see if a specific product is worth buying. Well, you’ve come to the ideal place because my assessments are extremely well detailed and will most definitely give you the information you need to make up your mind. Then I’ll move into a detailed discussion on the product’s sales rank, it’s refund rate and the site it’s sold from. Both these sections of my review are designed to enable you to see both the pluses and minuses of the product, which will help you make your decision to buy or not to buy. It’s always worth knowing if there are any other worthwhile products or offers out there available to buy, so I also include details of the seller’s other products too. So why hesitate any more. So, let’s get started.

The Sales Rank

I should perhaps explain how I determine this rank. It comes from the payment processor. They produce a stat called Gravity. This gives the product a ranking of anything from 0 to over 1000 and gives you a good indication of the number of sales a product has had. Currently the gravity ranking for hypnosis-mentor.com – Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Workshop Subscription Plan is 3.28183. As many people do not find this system to be the easiest to understand, I decided to create my own weighted ranking system, where I compare all the products on this web-site and give them a score out of 100. I give each product a score out of 100 and I feel that this weighted ranking system is much easier to follow. So, hypnosis-mentor.com – Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Workshop Subscription Plan scores 24.68/100, which means it hasn’t been selling very well compared to other products here.

The Overall Vendor Refund/Chargeback Rate

Although this ranking doesn’t relate specifically to hypnosis-mentor.com – Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Workshop Subscription Plan, it does give you important overall refund information relating to hypnosis-mentor.com. It takes the form of a ranking between 1-5 where 5 is very little refunds and 1 is a fair amount of refunds. If you see a product with a ranking of 3, it is more than likely that it is a brand new product, or that there has not been enough data available to attribute it a proper rating. (For addiitional information, click here). In this case, hypnosis-mentor.com has scored 3, this means that the refund rate is standard and nothing to worry about.

The Domain – what can I spot?

How do we find out more on hypnosis-mentor.com? Well, the most simple thing to do is to take a comprehensive look at the web page. You can in general get a good idea of how reputable something is by the state of the site. For example if a website has been in existence for quite a while and is being updated on a regular basis that is a good sign and gives you a sign that they will be trustworthy. You can usually gauge how established a web site is by how much content it has and seeing how often new content is being posted. In this case the website has 14 pages of content, which is a good number of webpages to have, so you can be assured that it is a reasonably well-established web page. The next step is to look at back-links, which are links back to the web page in question and should come from other related and authoritative websites. If you look at these other websites and judge them to be trustworthy then you can probably safely assume that this web page is also. So, hypnosis-mentor.com has around 259 links pointing at it with an authority score of 50.38/100 which is about average and shouldn’t be a cause for worry. We have investigated the domain and can see that it was registered by Midwest Hypnosis. More registration details can be accessed by clicking here. For your benefit, we are also able to tell you about some of the vendor’s other products.

Other products – what else is the vendor selling?

This vendor is at present selling 3 other products and I without a doubt recommend checking out these other products. It is really worth researching and taking a look at these additional products. If you choose to so, you will find that you discover a lot more useful information about the merchant, which can help you make your mind up about what they are like. You can find a list of their additional products below:
Name Price Buy Now
Jeff Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop $197.00 Buy Now
Jeff Stephens Induction Videos, Changework Videos & 3 Teleconferences $47.00 Buy Now
Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Workshop $98.50 Buy Now

Additional Offers

We have also found that the vendor currently has 0 special offers or upgrades available and these are listed below.

Where to Buy

You will not be able to purchase this merchant’s product/s anyplace else online, or offline for that matter, so if you do decide to buy from them, you will need to do so directly from their web site hypnosis-mentor.com. Having said that, at times, you may find that deals or products are not actually available straight from the website itself and this can be due to a number of reasons, such as the product or special offer only being available to members who’ve signed up to receive emails. Do not worry having said that, for you will still be able to access the product’s purchase page via our links above. To get the relevant product, just have a look at the links that we’ve included above and click through to complete your purchase.

The Overall Authority Score

So, this considers the sales rank, the refund rate, and the domain authority to generate a rough dependability estimation. This is a guess by a computer formula so it’s not going to be 100% correct. Having said that, it should absolutely help you in your final decision whether or not to buy the product. The score is 42.39/100 which is about average.

Bonus Offer

Please be aware that when you click on one of our links to go through to the vendor’s site and then make a decision to go through with purchasing the product, it will result in us receiving a commission payment. To show appreciation for this, I am pleased to offer you an added bonus. For more information regarding this bonus, please see here.
The hypnosis-mentor.com - Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Workshop Subscription Plan Homepage

The hypnosis-mentor.com – Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Workshop Subscription Plan Homepage

Product: hypnosis-mentor.com - Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Workshop Subscription Plan
Reviewed By: Shaun
Reviewed on: 2013-03-19
Overall score: 42.39
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